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  1. My parents threw me out when I was 16 so I can sort of relate there it wasn't fun. I think sometimes parents have an odd way of doing things, they think they are helping (or scaring you into changing) when in reality they are making things worse. Also, I like the onion rings thing lol I love onion rings too
  2. reclaim the night march

    went to this tonight. For those who haven't heard of it it's a march to end violence against women. Anyway let's just say that about 90% of those there were feminists, unfortuantly feminists scare me a bit... and I felt that I did not deserve to be there as I am not a strong emowered women, I am a weak and broken woman. So ye... not feeling great, however, I did discover an organisation while I was there called "object" which is an organisation set up to challenge the sexual objectification of women, I have now joined said organisation After the march there were a load of speakers, which I stayed for. Then I had to try to get home... but it was dark, and there waa a bit of a walk outside to get to the tube station... so I ended up standing in the lobby for about half an hour panicing and trying to prepare myself. I must have looked like such an idiot/ There were all these amazing and strong women and then there was me - cowering in a corner *sighs*
  3. I love this thread. I get the FMS people yelling at me all the time. There is a lot of external evidence, but they dont care, and they make me start to feel like a fake and a lyer, or that I've just gone mad and no longer know what is real. Thankyou for this thread
  4. Sorry for hyjacking the thread but didn't want to make a new one for a related queston as it seemed a waste. Is there a particular mod that we need to PM or is it a case of PMing any? Just scared of PMing the wrong person or something or keep putting it off...
  5. I'm never going to be free

    no matter what I do, where I go, how hard I try I will NEVER be free. They always find me, they always willfind me. and why? Because what they do, what they use me for, it's all i'm good for. I have no life, I've never had a life, I had no childhood, no teen years, and now I have no adulthood. I'm not a person, I should stop acting as if I am. I am just a thing. A thing to be used and filmed and to make money from. Everytime I try to be more than this it fails, everytime I try it;s just one long fight until I am defeated. And why is this? Well obviously because I am trying to be something I am not, I am trying to be a person, to be alive, but I am not. I am an object and I exist not live. I'm scared to go outside, he made it perfectly clear in the email that he knows where I live. I've bought a knife, I stopped carrying one years ago, when I thought I was safe... I was wrong, I will never be safe. The past will ollow me forever and they will follow me until I am dead. They own me, I try to deny it but it's true, they own me and I should never have run away
  6. I was wondering this too, but I think you need to PM a mod to get the password (though I haven't figured out who I should PM yet)