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    Im 24 years old, I am married to a great man, I have 4 children my stepson is 9, my first son just turnend 4 if he were here to day he was stillborn I lost him on June 7th,2006 but I know he is a better place and that I will meet im again someday. He is watching over me and my family. I also have a 2 year and my youngest is 2 months. Im a full time shift supervisor. I work all shifts so I never know if Im coming or going because it tends to make me sleep alot. When I have free time I spend it all with my boys. We watch cartoons most of the day and play cars.
  1. Mixed Emotions Need Advice

    Im currently reliving what as happen to me when I was a young teenagers and Im really not sure how to deal with thses emotions that Im feeling I feel very lonely and weak adn that Im no body. I start seeing a couselor tomorrow so I hope she can help me with my emotions. I have just become strong enough to tell what happened to me. I told a year ago and its just now going in front of the judges as he chose not to taek the plea bargin that we orignally made so we shall see what happens now Im scared and Im really not sure what to do from here.. Any suggestions would b great. If anyone has any suggestion or advice please send it my way I could use alot of it and some encouragment.. I feel like I betrayed my own body
  2. Im 24 years old. married to a wonderful man of almost 4 years we have been together 7 years. When I was 15 my sisters husband(not ex husband) forced me to to do oral and other sexual activities with him. I never told any one until I was 23 because I was scared and I had basically put in my mind that what he did to me was OK!!! In 2006 my husband and I lost our first child together. I lost him 4 years ago today its very hard to deal with and I love him and miss you so much that its hard to bare somedays. I have just been informed that defandent has backed out of the plea agreement and wants a jury selection and that I may have to testify and relive this part of my life all over again and Im not sure that Im strong enough to do it. But on a good note my husband is very supportive as well as his mom who give me courage and strength and lets me know im doing the right thing..I live day to day as a normal women but my mind races and replays the horrible childhood that I lived
  3. very nice poem..