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  1. I know what it's like to feel so worn down you just don't have the energy to fight it anymore. I know what it's like to feel like everyone abandons you when you need them the most no matter how often you have put yourself out there for them. Keep strong find your voice and don't let people wear you down anymore! If they leave because you speak up for yourself then they were never your true friends in the first place. It's time to find your strength, it's in there I can see it in the way you express yourself you just need to learn to express it out loud and yes I know that is hard I am just learning how to do that again. I was always a strong hard headed person (which has gotten me in trouble) but I found myself lost in a relationship that wore me down so much there is hardly any of ME left, I have had to find myself again it is hard but please keep faith and be strong. One more thing SMILE ! Just close your eyes let go and smile.... I hope I don't offend you because I know you don't know me but your post touched me, I have had so many of the same feelings.
  2. I have felt like you before but I have reached that anger point idk if it makes you heal but like jane said it does make you stop and say hey this happened to me and it sucked but I will never let it happen again and I have the power to change how I am dealing with this. You will find your strength don't worry hun.
  3. I am still not sure if I belong here or not. You see I was not raped while walking through the park or at a party, I am not even sure what I have been through counts as rape. I have been married for almost seven years now, and over the years there are several times when I have been woken up out of a dead sleep and forced to give my husband what he wants if I didn't he pulled my hair pushed me into him and held me down. Right now I am planning on leaving him. I am tired of the I am sorry it wont happen again, I was half asleep and did not know what I was doing... But it has also happened randomly during the day he has rarely left bruises but it still hurt and I love him he is the father of my children but I can't stand for him to touch me anymore. Anyways idk if I was supposed to reveal this much right off but I need help, I need to know I am making the right decision by not giving him yet another chance.There is a lot more to this story but I think I may have said to much already. Thanks again for letting me join. Kirsten