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    You can add me on facebook if you want to get to know eachother and talk and support. but if you are going to be rude don't add me. And please let me know you got my link from here or i won't add you. Thanks!
  1. Wow girl i am so sorry. I gotten that comment before.
  2. I was raped and kidnapped by my uncle 10 years ago, and we were having a family outing. My uncle is not part of the family anymore fyi. But my grandma-his mother- was just like "i'm not saying it was your fault but maybe you lead him on. Or flirted with him. He wouldn't just do that out of the blue" Wow i was only 10 years old. How could i lead him on? He was 35 years old. Sighhhh no wonder why i am still having nightmares.