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  1. my top stupid comment award goes to my mother. me: of course my father is denying everything, that's the classical behaviour of a perpetrator my mother: no, no, in contrary, he is talking very openly about it talking openly about WHAT? he claims that I must've understood something wrong. yeah, he talks openly about THAT. me: I think it started when I was three. my mother: no, it can't have started at three because I never left your side until that age. it must have started when you were four. oh yeah, sorry mum I forgot, when you're four you can already give consent so it makes a huge difference if I was three or four years old... my mother: but how can he have abused you, he was working all the time, he was hardly at home well, let me remind you that we shared the same household for eighteen years. even if you work much and don't sleep at home every night this still leaves a lot of time for it... it's amazing how people who usually are emotionally quite intelligent can believe themselves when they say things like that...