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  1. I agree with the comment about yoga - it has helped me tremendously when I am suffering from a period of anxiety. I personally find ashtanga is best for me - just because when I am feeling anxious I am overwhelmed with anxious energy that has nowhere to go except ricochet around in my head...doing ashtanga, which is very vigorous and focused, helps me to literally channel that energy and calm it. Other things I have found helpful: * I do a breathing exercise. I inhale and imagine my body being suffused with a beautiful soft pink sparkly light (because pink is my favourite colour!), and when I breathe out I imagine I am exhaling the terrible anxiety fumes out of my body. Doing this a few times really helps. * I yell at the anxiety. (In my head or on paper - but sometimes, if I'm alone, out loud.) I find it helps to think of the anxiety as an intruder, as some kind of external force or voice that is messing with me, and I have the power to tell it to go away and leave me alone. I say things like, "You're lying to me. Right now, I am perfectly fine and nothing bad is happening. I don't believe you. You can't make me feel bad. Leave me alone." (I used to give *myself* a talking-to, saying things like, "You're fine, relax, nothing's wrong, you need to chill out" etc. - but I actually found that talking to myself that way was locating the anxiety as *me*, as part of me, as an illness - and that didn't make me feel better. So instead I started thinking of the anxiety as separate from me, as something that visits me from the outside, and that *I* am actually fundamentally OK, was much more effective. That could just be a personal thing though. Hey, whatever works...use it!)