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  1. Hi wonderful Mods, Someone posted a reply in my "is it possible to bet pregnant while depressed?" thread but it's not showing up, strange! Any way to fix it? Thanks! You're angels! Kimby
  2. Nasty gremlins! Kimby
  3. I get confused by some of the older threads because they seem to have a lot of quotes that come from nowhere... maybe I'm doing it wrong but when I go to page 1 looking for the original post, it will often contain a series of quotes as if it wasn't actually the original post. So I've somewhat given up on trying to read them. Is there something I should be doing differently? Maybe it would be better to keep them locked but still open to viewing as a resource. I also tend to avoid posting in the public arena because it feels uncomfortable to me. Kimby
  4. Fantastic thread, here goes: hippies long-haired guys guys with red hair (especially long red-haired hippy guys) Kikoman soy sauce Boston - the city, the people, anything about it my former college, sadly july and june loud noises, especially in the morning grateful dead, led zeppelin, some pink floyd music whiskey, especially Jack Daniels and Jim Beam alcohol the smell of alcohol on someone's breath new age stuff crowded places with lots of noise and stimulation, esp. shopping centres leftover pasta with no sauce being hungry being tired leering men of an older generation who still think its ok to ogle females sex (lately) overly judgmental (holier-than-thou) environmentalists, human rights activists, etc. hot weather breathing pollution or other fumes I don't want in my body doing deep breathing exercises my head being against the wall/headboard during sex being touched on my breasts (this is a HUGE, the worst trigger of all) being touched on my inner thighs being turned on orgasm (sometimes) large candles with multiple wicks mornings bedtime tongue kissing in the morning well that's "all" I can think of for now... oh yeah, I forgot to add KNIVES! I have this neurotic thing where I can't bear to have a knife or other sharp object pointing in my direction. Like if there's a knife on the kitchen table or counter, or scissors on a desk, I always have to get up and turn it in a different direction. That's probably the most neurotic bizarre thing about me (apart from hand-washing).