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  1. are probly not over reacting. If you have a feeling you've got a problem then it's a problem. alcohalism runs in my family too, well addiction in general and i've had my own share with things like this. it's good that you are recognizing it now and understand that it's possible; if you don't get help it (the addiction) will probly manifest itself into something else ie: shopping, gambling, etc. please don't beat yourself up about it, just be honest with yourself and don't blame yourself....just get help
  2. new at this!

    i have never blogged before; honestly i dont even know what it really means to blog. What i do know is i am starting a new part of my life....a healing journey. i dont know what im doing in this case either!!! i am so grateful there is a place like this where i can see what is working for others further along in their healing and also know i'm not the only one just starting the process. i am also afraid. i have a child and husband and a life (as we all do) and i'm afraid i'm going to have one memory or feeling from back then that is going to throw me into a tail spin. i'm also very angry that i am 36 yrs old and am having to deal with this stuff that happened so long ago. it's still so close to the surface and has been my whole life. Now it's pouring over and suffocationg my soul!!!