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    Music, Camping/Hiking, anything outdoors, being with friends, laughing, Disc Golf
  1. hmmm...I can think of a few to start... Kiss - God of Thunder (song), that triggers the hell out of me Star Wars - A favorite, but a nasty trigger Smell of dried cut grass Juicy Fruit
  2. I'm on the cover! Sort of...

    Here's something cool that happened the other day. A friend of mine stopped by and handed me a magazine. He was on the front cover - awesome! But what is this? The background of the cover is one of my Tie Dyes! We laughed good and long about that! So I got to share the cover in a cool roundabout way! Here's the cover...
  3. A complete 360°

    How can things change so fast? I was having a really good day yesterday...then just like that, a complete 360° and everything just falls apart. I'm left today still trying to figure it all out. My hands are still shaking (maybe the meds) and my brain is twisting around and around. I had taken an AMbien by mistake...grabbed the wrong bottle, and like that crap tends to do to me, had a memory gap and forgot that I'd done it so I took my usual Trazadone. Things went down hill from there. Luckily I had a friend talk me through the worst of it. I really despise being this broken that I need this kind of help. It gets me down is all.
  4. Hmmm, I've never had a blog before, so I'm not really sure what I want it accomplish. So here goes... Today I'm rather optimistic. No big breakthroughs or anything like that...just an overall feeling of "I can do this". There are still going to be days which are the complete reverse of this, but for today...It's a good thing. Alright, there's the official start of my blog! More to come, so stay tuned!