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  1. my trigger rant from easter

    its been a extremely difficult and depressing Easter, I had major meltdown yesterday.. first time I have sobbed since the rape, The trigger I think for me - was that I was approached by a close friend (supposedly ex ?? employer of the man who raped me) on sat night -Caroline who said he had been sacked as a taxi driver from their company but had now gone to work for his brother- in - law's taxi company in Ipswich also.. (** his bail conditions state he is not allowed to approach me or use a 3rd party to approach me**) anyhow apparently he told Caroline that he left a PDA phone at my flat which belongs to the taxi company and since his dismissal they are worried that he will use all the business information stored on it to steal their customers - well tough f.... shit!! Anyhow I know the police seized it along with his laptop at the time of the forensic sweep of the scene.. well I am distraught and more upset and shaken - stupid bloody trigger but had me up and awake ALL night. .and worrying about it all being a lie and whether I should call the police?? I have no money at all. I haven't been able to go to shops let alone leave the flat to work and as I am self employed have to go hungry alot. .anyhow just ranting... bye for now :/