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  1. How I feel today

    I hope a blog might help. I've tried them before but they always seem to get a little confusing because my alters will take over at times. Maybe that's ok though. Michaela is gone today, spending time with her Nana. I've liked the quietness but I feel lost without her around. It gives me too much time to think. Not having something to do every makes time drag and I'd rather just fastfoward sometimes, to when I can sleep. I'm just feeling very alone today. Without Michaela here, I start to realize how really cut off I am. I don't have the friends that I used to have and I feel like there aren't any options except to stay in. Today, I have cleaned house and done laundry...two big things I've had on my checklist that it feels good to finish! Mike should be home soon with Michaela, so I think I'll settle down and draw for the free time I have left. I'm thinking it will take me away to a calmer place.