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  1. So, today was really whacked out - i dont mean to complain or anything, but as someone added to my post earlier, "Welcome to being a woman". i mean seriously? I appreciate the comment and the encouragement, but if today is a glimpse of the rest of my life, im sorry, but ill stay a little girl forever (runs and hides under the bed) just not feeling it right now, ya know what i mean? and it does NOT help for my brother to keep making comments regarding it being "that time of the month" in response to why i am irritated with him! i mean it IS that time, but how does he know? especially since this is my first time.......don't need to go there i guess, but im totally not ready for this "womanly - ness". and im grounded. it sucks - i dont feel i should be grounded for refusing to go to this family thing where HE was going to be there. i mean so totally not cool and yucky and gross and making me have flashbacks. idk, i guess i just needed to vent today.....sorry