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  1. Your in my thoughts Tea my hero. Nova
  2. I was scared putting my picture on, but it helps me not dissociate when I see my face here daily, and I found my voice and am no longer hiding..
  3. I feel the same sometimes mockingbird. My abuser is 1 mile away from me. Maybe u will feel better once your T is back. !! You are cared about, and you are strong. I don't know what id av done without this site, non of my friends are understanding like people here. And were all here 4 each other. Take care. Nova.
  4. Hi mockingbird. Maybe u will feel better when your T comes back. You are cared about. I get like that also. My abuser lives 1 mile away in a home, and she's now 84. I wish she would are strong. I know u are. And were all here for each other. Nova.