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  1. Oh, good to know! I was having issues with this as well
  2. Hey Jediheretic, The Article section of Pandy's is open to guests (meaning she wouldn't have to join to view them) and has a lot of really incredible articles that deal with the many facets of abuse and recovery. I'm not sure there is a general article in there pertaining to general emotional abuse, but there are a few that deal with relationship violence that might be applicable to her situation. I hope she's able to reach out and find the support she needs. -M
  3. That is BEAUTIFUL, perhapsapoet! You are extremely talented, thanks for sharing.
  4. Yup, I've noticed it too! I figured it was just something I was doing - glad to know it's not! Now I can stop troubleshooting in my head
  5. Hi perhapsapoet, We do have a thread in the Types of Sexual Assault forum that covers sexual abuse by female perpetrators that you can find here. I realize that it isn't specifically geared toward women abused by women - but it seems a lot of the posts are made by other women who have experienced abuse at the hands of a woman/ of women. I hope this helps, -M
  6. I second that!
  7. Hi Johnathan, Sometimes this happens because another member has already reported the thread and the mods are already looking into it! I hope this helps, -Marlee
  8. Hi there, The thread you are referring to was locked, but only because it had become so large and a lot of posts were being buried which resulted in members not feeling heard or supported. A new thread with more guided questions and a list of resources was created to take its place. This new thread has been pinned to the top of the sex & intimacy forum. It is titled 'Support thread for survivors who have worked in the sex industry'. I hope this answers your question! As the former mod when I closed the thread my intention was not to make anyone feel silenced but to do the opposite! I wanted newer members to feel heard in the new thread and not lost in how big the old one was. The old one still exists and can be found in the reclaiming sexuality discussions sub-forum. Here is a link to the thread: I hope this answers your question! Be well, -m
  9. I believe that when it says 'M Member' it means that the member is a 'Male Member' and has requested and gained access to the password protected Men's Forum. Hope that helps! -M
  10. How to access private/password protected sub-forums!
  11. hi MelK, Just e-mail any one of the mods with the nominee's name and a short description of why you have chosen them! -M
  12. Thanks Heptet and Hales!
  13. Thanks, Hales. One more question! Is there a way to identify who it's from (like in the top of this quote box, without quoting the entire post and pruning it to keep what I want and remove what I don't? Thanks, -M
  14. Quoting in posts so that it lists the source - how is it done?! I've racked my brain and messed up my fair share of almost completed posts in my eager attempts to make it work! Apparently I don't have the foresight to copy my posts before I fiddle with things I don't understand I can quote the entire post of another member - but I can't seem to find out how to highlight one line and only quote that line. If someone could help, I would be so appreciative. -M
  15. So sorry to see so many of us have been invalidated and hurt by such thoughtless comments. 's to all. -M