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  1. Starting a Blog!

    Hello there! I am excited to start a Blog. This is the second blog I have ever started, hopefully this will help me deal with the challenges of day to day life, especially being a SA Survivor. Last night my husband impressed me. He said that, in high school, when I confidend in him that I had been raped he looked up information on the internet about the challenges I am likley to face and ect. I just thought, "wow, I can't believe he went through the trouble of wanting to understand. That must mean that even then, in high school, he cared about me to that degree." I love my husband. I am so very lucky to have a stand up man like him. I JUST opened up to him that I use pandy's, and he said " babe, if you ever need to talk, I'm here." I just wish that I could. I get really embarassed to talk about it with him for some reason. Does anyone else get embarassed?