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    Well, lets see....what can I tell you all about myself? I am a very passionate individual, as well as compassionate. I have always had a need to help people in ways that even I can't understand at times, or don't even know at the time that I am helping. This is a blessing.
    I am a fighter! Not a survivor. I already survived what has happened to me. I am no longer a victim. I am taking contro of my life, taking responsibility for myself(not always easy to do), and taking responsibility for my actions and behaviors today.
    I am fighting back for what was lost. Fighting back for what was sold(I am no longer paying the cost), fighting back for all those precious tender nights, fighting back for the silent tears, fighting back for the silent screams of wrath.Fighting back for the freedom to be 'a child', a child of My Creator, a child of my heart, the one who lives inside my soul. Fighting back for my voice(again, not always easy to do).Fighting back for knowing what my purpose was meant to be on my journey of life. Oh, and fighting back for my chosen name(I had forgotten about her when the others were inside my head). Most importantly, fighting back to make my greatest hurt become my greatest gift. I will share what my greatest gift is at a later time.
    Writing, Journaling, poetry writing, and trying to write a novel(not getting very far yet.
    Reading-mainly Jodie Picoult books, but I will pick up others as well.
    Movies-Pretty Woman, an all time fav of mine!
    Meditation-being in conscious contact with my Higher Power.
    Star/Moon gazing.
    Nature lover, watching how My Creator has made the world: wonderous beauties. (Wondering why we treat it in the ways we do. Why we treat people in the ways God did not intend.

    So....this is me. Any questions? I will not be afraid.
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