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  1. Apologies as well, i saw "May" on the joined part, and didn't read the year I look forward in getting to know you more. take care Light
  2. You're welcome, just didn't want you sitting waiting for a response and maybe getting anxious waiting for a reply.
  3. Hey Celeste Welcome to Pandy's by the way. Can i suggest that you have a look on the forums, and see what mods, moderate the section you would like to chat about, so if it was about flashbacks and triggers, that would be mental wellness - if you look on that forum it will tell you who the mods are for that section, then you can PM one of them - was just thinking, you might get a faster response and from a mod who can support you in the area you need support with. I just wanted to add, thats its absolutely okay to not feel confident about not posting and "talking" on the boards yet - disclosing things really can take time, and we are all here for each other, whether thats in Private messages or on the boards. Take care Light Edited because my spelling gets worse as i get more tired
  4. This is a difficult one for me. Like i can refer to abuse and rape for others, refer to abuse for myself, but cant accept raped as a child for myself. My T was talking this week about a flashback we had talked about and was trying to reach some of feelings around it (which i cant seem to get to) - she re-worded it and said "on that day when they raped you, raped the nine year old child" and i was like "no, you cant say that" - it just felt so wrong to be calling it that - for myself - rape is something that happenes to adults and abuse is something that happens to a child - just the only way it can sit safely in my head. Light
  5. Umm, i do. The smell of vomit, nail varnish remover, body odour, a joint, chlorine (no idea why i have that one) and occasionally smelly shoes/feet