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  1. Some of my triggers that are "weird": - America's Next Top Model - Law and Order (Particularly SVU) even ads for it - Halloween (Particularly costumes and pumpkin carving) - Hearing C's name or J's name - Being alone with a man - Any type of male attention-- talking, flirting, perceived interest in me, etc. - Being in a crowded place - Being held or pinned down in any way (even the thought of it) - Camping - Having the flu - Being examined by a doctor - Being in a room that is too clean-- to the point of perfection - The ads for The Lovely Bones (These are Killing me right now) - Seeing girls who are seemingly innocent, and wondering if they have been victims of SA - Thinking or talking about being in a relationship - People talking about C, the state where he lives, the place where we worked together, or a possible upcoming "staff reunion" - Anything to do with Superman (C looked like him and had an extensive collection of Superman paraphernalia) - People talking about the college I attended when I was raped by J - Weighing myself or being weighed at the doctor's - Seeing any pictures of myself from the 3 year period I was with C - Mirrors