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  1. somethings I learn

    here one thing I've learn and the hard way too 1 be friendly without be a friend I now pick my friends very carfuly for a real friend is better then gold and by being friendy every think you a nice person but it alwords you to keep your distance and it make it alot harder to hurt you my personly as a woman is greatly diffenert then when I was a man. as a woman i'm alot less open to people and some every said unfriendly too I'm trying to charge that in looks only
  2. with me its loud noise bright ligths anyone walking up behind me and touching me people laughing near me the sound of metal being crushed the sound of tires screching any one joking with me in a insuiting manner ( no that not a trigger it just p*sses me off) almost forgot clost doors even if they open , every house I live in they the first thing I remove and store in the garage ( my brother love to hid in them as a joke ) I can no longer watch NASCA races because of the weacks ,(if it show a dashcam of one I'll total freck out big time, and I wont come back to realily for a time,