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    I want to forget everything
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    i am from nowhere
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    i am living for ballet and running. A love clasical music and i like to draw.

    Without my dog and this pandora's aquarium i woudnt be alive anymore.

    Tkank to all of you guys.
  1. Hi, I think that i understand you,i cant cry too i dont feel anymore and i think that i need to be angry but i cant be, i think that i am no normal anymore. I admire your will to go to court. I think that this will helps you, i think that it can helps just that that this man who has done this to you, who has destroyed your soul and your whole body, will go to jail. Your angry needs to go out, and i wish for you that on court you will shout and cruy and will do everything that can helps you on your way to get NORMAL(like you said) again! Hurtlife!