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  1. i just noticed an add for this on the tv... i have wondered about these "healing weeks" in the past. think it would be worth a go.... is a big step though.... anyone else been?
  2. i have been here just over 2 year, but it seems like i have been here longer than that. i feel so much has happened in that time. i have progressed so much. i have meet some amazing people here. thank you all for this place and making what it is today ♥
  3. it sounds interesting, might have to get it... is it in the pandy's libery to borrow?
  4. For survivors of SA and DV in the southwest, Waratah Support Centre is a good place. Waratah is a free, confidential and professional counselling service for people who have experienced sexual assault / abuse or Domestic Violence. This service is located in Bunbury and services the Southwest region. waratah's website contact details including phone numbers are also there
  5. Yes I got that too. how rude. why does it have to close. feel a bit rejected and let down