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  1. You're not a burden Briar. This is your space to write about whatever you want. I understand how horrible it is to have nightmares, and I wish I could take them away from you. Safe hugs if okay.
  2. You have so much courage and strength in you, much more than you think so. I don't know what to say to help you feel better, but I hear you and I wish I could take all the pain away and make life better for you. Please keep reaching out, we care and you're never alone. Safe hugs for you :hug:
  3. Wow these are seriously good! Love them Thanks for sharing!
  4. :hug: As many as you need Katie. I'm sorry your mum invited him along... you deserve so much better than that. I really do mean it. Take care.
  5. I can relate to so much of what you've written. It's hard... I've asked myself the 'why me' and 'why don't I have a normal family too' questions so many times and never found an answer. I doubt there are even answers to them. But what I do know is that you are not alone at all through this. We're all here for you, we love and care about you. You didn't let it happen, it'll never ever be your fault. Take care (if okay)
  6. Is this the one you're looking for? Good luck with the project!
  7. Ravynne this is so, so beautiful... Thanks for sharing that.