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  1. Continue from yesterday

    I called the security company that the guard worked for and told them what had happened. As I was explaining what had happened the lady I was talking to was very sweet. She continued to apologize for what the guard had done. I explained that I was in no way mad at the company. They took quick action and made sure that it was posted to his profile permanently. No matter if he quits this company and tries to go to a different one it will still be on his record. I thanked her again for her support in this situation.
  2. Stresser

    I must say that today was a rather testing day. Since I posted my entry for my story I had to take some time to reflect. I went to school today ( I'm in night school) as any other day. The school makes sure that there is a security guard on campus at all times. Well this one wasn't doing his job. It all started yesterday when I got to school one of my female friends had her laptop and asked me to come look at what she was watching.. i walked over and noticed that it was an adult movie. I don't have a problem with them just know that there is a time and place for that sort of thing. School isn't one of them. The security guard had noticed what she was watching and started making comments about said movie. I tried to ignore the graphic comments he was making. After the bell had rung to go to the first class I just tried to go on with my day. I had forgotten what had happened earlier. My night dean later called me over and asked me about the situation. I told him what had happened. The security guard was standing next to the deans and confirmed what I had said. I had made the comment that I was sitting on top of the picnic table. The guard then made a comment of " I have no problem with you sitting on the picnic table" with a snarly look on his face. I at this point turned away from the situation and went home. I reflected on the situation over night and had told my dean today what was said and what the guard had done. The dean said he would talk to him about the situation. A few minutes later the guard walked up to me and said hi. To be polite I had said hi back. Third hour had come around. A friend and I had gone to get something to eat. We came back to the school and ate there. I heard someone walking up behind me and noticed it was him. I made the comment that i am aware of my surrounding and notice when someone is trying to sneak up on me. He then laughed and grabbed my shoulders while standing behind me. I felt uncomfortable and removed his hands. He the thought that it would be OK to poke me in the sides. At this point I was very uncomfortable. My friend wanted to jump over the table at him. I detoured my friend from doing so by telling him I was going to my dean about the situation. As i was walking in i noticed that my dean had left. I went to talk to one of the other deans. I explained the situation and she had heard what happened the night before. She then said by me "watching" said movie that opened a door for such behavior. I looked at her in fear. That comment triggered past situations of "what did you do to cause this?" went through my head. My dean and his assistant then returned and joined the conversation. The dean I was talking to said the comment again and my dean in turn told her that no matter what happened she was wrong to make such a comment. (my dean happens to be a guy) That made me feel a little better about the situation. I talked to another guard that happens to go to night school with me and he gave me the number for the company that they work for. I will be calling the owner and supervisor about the situation tomorrow morning. I'm sorry this is so long but I had to vent this out.