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  1. A - Day Approaches first blog... As a first time blogger, I should probably state that I guess I'm using this as a medium to vent and ramble out my thoughts...apologies if that isn't the purpose of a blog, and I can't guarantee it'll be all that interesting! I'm feeling a little unsettled...I've unusually been alone this past week as my partner has gone to see his family. I'm fairly independent and self sufficient but last night there was somebody stealing from our bins (not an unusual occurrence but always an unnerving experience). I find it upsetting and invasive even when my partner is here, but as I was alone at 2 in the morning I found myself terrified. On top of this, I'm approaching the 3 year anniversary of my 'incident'; unfortunately it falls on the evening after my partner's birthday and also a day I have to work late. Not ideal. I know I'm going to be edgy and distrustful around this time, but I don't want to forever tarnish his birthday by telling him 'actually this time of year is really rough for me'; it should be a time for him to enjoy, not to worry about me. I'm going to try to concentrate on getting it right at work, and also making sure he has a time to enjoy and remember. I'd like to make this a good time of year, instead of one that has me feeling edgy and jumpy and sick to my stomach. I'd like to make it a positive time of year. Well...I hope that wasn't too tedious Thanks for kind x