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  1. Woah, slow down today

    I've done it. Just booked in for a 2 week intensive counselling course which should help me with my issues as well as picking up on how to help others too. My counsellor is running the course and siad it will help me as, Phew, am I ready for this? No, not at all, but I really want to get to a healthy place again. My Hubby is all for it and so supportive it's amazing. Let's see what tomorrow brings!?!
  2. Trying to stay focussed on today

    Aaargh,where do I begin? Trying so hard to say focussed on where I am today and to climb out of the pit. I feel like I'm on the edge and about to slide down.Had a session with my C on Thursday and talked about sex....woah, wish I hadn't as I feel such a failure right now (not through anything he said).