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  1. The Ups and Downs of Healing

    It's been another one of those days! I don't know about you, but sometimes it's the first place I look. More often it's the last, but what I appreciate most is that the caring voices are always here. Pandys is here for me 24/7. I am so grateful. This year has been turmoil. Haven't they all, but more so this year than most. I lost an amazing therapist 8 months ago. It still seems like yesterday. My search for a new one has been, not-so good, to put it mildly. I forget about Pandys for days and even weeks at a time, and then the day from bleep comes rolling in and here I am again. I have made a good friend here. I try to offer others support. But most of all, this is my only constant when it comes to those really crummy days and nights. Kudos to the creators of Pandys...and if you are having a really horrific day, or an ok one ,or a great one, this is a good place to blog. I will check in, often.... and do something nice for yourself today!
  2. Keep talking about it. You are doing so good. Talking about it lets it out, gives up the secret and eases some of the hurt. Do something nice for yourself today and take gentle care!