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  1. Yesterday i posted some of the things that trigger me, and it was so good for thanks for opening this space: When someone comes into the room and I am not expecting it...getting scared can get me into tears. Accordions. If I play the piano in certain moods I am bound to dissociate Little girls with older man Red Vans the smell of leather tall skinny blond someone said, some specific types of men, very much so older man someone yelling at me someone specially a man being nice to me, in a specific way snow falling which sucks cuz I love it too skinny man with hoodies dark grey shirts ha, interesting, the same that happened yesterday is happening now...i get overwhelmed and i just get blocked...i am feeling a lot but I can't put my finger into anything...and I feel if the recognizing and the naming of these things is going to put me in danger of some sort....i am feeling an aching in my heart...and the sensation though that recognizing these things is good for me...mixed feelings.