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  1. dear learachel, You wouldn't be a pest dear. I mostly have nothing else to do. my DH is gone for weeks at a time and I spend most of my time alone. Believe me a little company would be very welcome. Have fun on the shopping trip. Until you can afford something else though I'm sure that mattress will help. Just don't do one of my deals and go into wally world for one thing and come out with 20. The actual quote you were looking for is by Mark Twain and states "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." But I like my sister's version better. She says "Be careful about praying for strength, cause God may decide to see just how strong you are." I think at some point I must have prayed for strength by mistake.
  2. Dear Learachel, You are not alone. My sa was not the same situation but a lot of our experiences are exactly the same. I read your blog and felt like you could have been talking about me in a lot of ways. I too was 9 going on 19 because of my body development and hated it. I too turn to food for comfort. I too became a "people pleaser" and I too am now dealing with aging and disabilities. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your experiences or in your struggle to deal with what's been done to you. I admire your courage for being here, and want you to know that I'll listen whenever you want. Oh and by the way, I too live in the midwest, though far enough south we rarely see snow, just ice. And about the air matress thing, I have a suggestion. If you go to walmart they have what are called raised air beds. they're at least 24" high and a lot more comfortable than regular air matresses. Some even have pillow tops. They're also fairly reasonably priced too. I had one in my guest room for awhile and my best friend and her husband spent a week with me last year. Both of them are disabled. Her because of Diabetes and knee replacements and he because he broke his back years ago in an auto accident. And they said it was almost better than sleeping in their own bed at home. Just a thought.... Anyway keep up the good work, and remember if you need someone I'm here.