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    Anime, Yaoi, Reading, Art, Roleplaying, Writing. Again, drawing. Drawing is tasty. and nutritious. <3
  1. I've moved out of my abusive grandmother's house and I now live 1000 miles away. I'm working a full time job and providing for myself and my room mates. I'm going to a therapist for counseling to work through my depression and PTSD. I started taking a mild anti-depressant for my emotional unbalance, and it's helping me wonderfully. I can look people in the eye again. I'm drawing and writing and being creative again. I'm less socially crippled and I don't flee the room at the slightest awkward moment anymore. I went out on a limb and got half of my hair buzzed short in a punk style, despite the lingering thoughts that my grandmother would beat me for doing such a thing. I've stopped wearing huge, frumpy clothes and I'm showing my curves again. I've lost 30 pounds since this past November, just by eating healthier and drinking water. I can cuddle with close friends and not flinch or shy away. My nightmares have lessened drastically and my sleep has improved. I don't feel hopeless and useless anymore. I care about my appearance again. I like dressing up and putting on makeup and looking attractive, like I used to. I can spend a day in public by myself and not hyperventilate. SPOILER, highlight to show content I can touch myself and feel pleasure from it, instead of feeling numb or disgusting. I've improved this much in the course of 5 and a half months.