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    My name is Emily.<br /><br />The Basics:<br />Music- drum and bass/jungle, classic rock, alternative, some jazz, a bit of other things, too.<br />Books- Romance. Philosophy (I <3 Aristotle), Histories (Heroditus, Bede)<br />Movies- Comedy, Suspense, Drama (a guilty pleasure), ACTION!, >Musicals<, artsy-fartsy stuff in forgein languages.<br />Hobbies- Reading/Writing (tell me what you think of my work ^.^), Oil Painting/Chalk Pastel/Conte/Sketching, Debate/Apologetics<br />Religious/Political Views- Orthodox Christian/Conservative Republican.<br /><br />I'm terribly old fashioned and politically incorrect... I love meeting new people. My mental health is why I'm here, and I love to talk about/listen to ways to heal, meds, docs, diagnoses, etc.
  1. News and Great Expectations

    I recently found I'm pregnant! I wasn't planning on getting pregnant, and I haven't been preparing myself for a pregnancy, but here I am none-the-less. My family is extremely supportive, which I find a great blessing. I'm due sometime in November. Now, the reason I'm sharing this news is that it doesn't seem all that often one can find any good or informative literature online about this at all. I've seen a good many P and Tdocs in my time, short though it's been, as well, and I can tell you for sure I haven't the time to blindly follow the first one I come across in such issues, and being forewarned is being fore-armed, and all that. I wish there were more information more readily available. Yes, each person is different when it comes to mental illness. HELLO! So's pregnancy. You're doctor's the one who should tell you Tylenol is all right, but if you've an over or under-cautious doctor, by your own reckoning, who says never to take Tylenol with no real reason for the added risk that's specific to your instance, I'd rather screw his ideas and refer to another source. I want OPTIONS! I have some serious mental health issues on my plate, and to get up and pregnant in such a flippant fashion wasn't the wisest thing to do, but I've been known to do some pretty unwise things. However, I must rise to the occasion, because who cares about 20/20 vision if you're stuck in the past, anyway? I want to be as informed and aware as possible such that I can be aware of the RELIABILITY of any p or tdoc I may settle upon. Advice is nice. I thought this a little too personal to post on a board. Hope to hear from someone, maybap, but, otherwise, I'm able to vent. -Me