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  1. i managed to get a few hours sleep lastnight now im hoping i get a few more tonight. lol had to put one of the bunny in ,i love this bunny.
  2. i really wished i could find a way of getting some sleep without having to go back on meds,its been 3days with around 3hours sleep,now im at the point were iv no energy at all.i feel ill because of even to scared to drive anywere incase i fall asleep.its making my life real hard work.
  3. im sick of not being able to sleep. .im so worn out.why cant i just for once close my eyes an thats it.
  4. iv worked the last 2night shifts an was unable to sleep in the day an tonight iv got off work an still cant sleep.i feel so worn out i just want to be able to sleep.iv been to bed twice an got back up again. ,my mind feels numb,i cant think eyes are stinging an i feel so dizzy.i hate feeling this way.
  5. its almost 5am an iv got so much spinning round my head theres no way i can sleep.
  6. iv not been to bad this last week or so but now its been 2 nights with no so worn out but i just cant sleep. looks like its all starting again.its 5am here an im now having a warm drink to see if that helps.
  7. well iv been getting about 2 hours sleep a night for the past 3 nights but tonight i just feel wide awake.its almost 5am here an not so much as a yawn.
  8. 5th night sleeping meds to take tonight so i should be able to sleep.hate taking these meds.
  9. 3days an nights now with noooooooooooo im getting pritty pissed off with myself now.uggggggggggg
  10. well i just knew i would not sleep again tonight.5.50am an sat here wide awake.
  11. well thankgod i managed to get some sleep lastnight.4 hours.i never did anything differant to what i normally do i just fell asleep. .but tonight im so wide awake there is no chance of any sleep.
  12. 4.45am an no sleep so worn out to.even if i could go to sleep now i have to be up at 7am.this is so frustrating.
  13. im sorry your struggling with this am.i hope you managed to get some sleep befor work.xx take good care
  14. thank you for your suggestion deadpie.iv tryed all differant kids of relaxing music tonight an nothing seems to help.omg iv tryed allsorts of things.its now the 4th night,its 4.20am an i slept for just over an hour today.think i need to see my gp for meds again but i hate taking them.
  15. my god i wished i could so worn out ,its 4 10am now an my 3rd night with noooooooo sleep. .