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  1. Wishing a mother was there

    hello to all who are reading, I've been having a hard time lately dealing with not having my mother around. For the past 7 years i tried making my mom see and understand what was going on in our house with my step father. I had numerous phone calls with her about it, emails, conversations and letters. I moved to a different province at the age of 16 to get myself out of the situation i was in but felt i need her to know what went on while i was there and also thought if i could get her to believe me her and I could have a relationship. When finding out my mother would only believe me of half the things that went on and even in believing half of what happened she still chose to stay with him i felt that for my own sake i needed to cut all ties with my mother. i still feel that it was the right chose but am still finding it hard to not be able to pick out the phone an call her for help with a recipe. I have made it very clear to my mother that until she believes me i want no contact with her. Even though that was my choice I still cant help missing her. Thanks for you time!