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  1. Flowering Rose I teared up as I read your blog . I think a lot of what you said resonates not only with me but also with so many here on Pandy's. Why can't we keep hold of the good things, what is holding us back? You are a beautiful, worthwhile, special, vital person not only in this community but also in this space of time on earth. You have strengths that only you possess. You put words where I could only dream of finding one suitable. You are open and honest and this shows to me the true depth and beauty of your soul. But, you need to do what is right for you, if stepping down or taking a break for a while is something that you need to do, then allow yourself to do it. Don't question your motivation for taking this action, tell yourself that it is ok, forgive yourself for having to do what is best for you. It is ok you know. You are doing what you have to do at this time and that's ok. Reach out for all and anything you need/want. We are all here for you, all the way. We won't ever leave. Just be gentle with yourself and take some time for you. Take gentle care also. Much love and tender, warm, safe, comforting s, if ok biw xxx
  2. Wowww, this is something I struggle with. I haven't been able to call myself a victim so I can't call myself a survivor. Right now I am a 'self abuser', which is the opposite of victim because I have such control issues. I hope to see other responses to this blog to see how others have handled these titles. Thanks for putting this up. I hope that you manage to work through the stages Take gentle care biw x
  3. I love your words. I love the way they pour so purely from your heart. A heart that gives you strength of character and courage to say what you just did! Much love biw x
  4. You are full of wise words of wisdom and I admire and respect you for this. You post was not in the least bit corny - but a gentle reminder to us all!!! Your are totally worthy of love and to be loved, to be cared for, respected and valued at the highest level. AND despite what you have been through in your past you are still willing to give unconditionally to others! You have touched my life, you have listened to me, you have cared about my deepest pain. AND I WILL remember you as the one who loved honestly!!!! Warm, safe (((hugs))) biw x
  5. It's the trying that counts. It's the fact that even after it all; you STILL continue to try. Hang in there Flowering Rose you are still healing even though you don't think you are. I also think there are many answers that we will never know the answer to and it is about coming to a place within yourself where you reconcile this within that there won't be answers to these questions that I continually ask. Otherwise you are wasting precious energy that could be more positively used on your healing..... This is just my humble opinion. Keep writing though. You do it so beautifully. You capture things in words that I could only dream of doing. You have a wonderful talent and maybe, just maybe this will help with your healing?!? Take gentle care because it is what you deserve biw x
  6. What a mixed set of emotions this raised for me! Thanks for sharing this with us and reminding us of all the many aspects of love. Love is also accepting and loving, unconditionally regardless of what the person has said, done and been through. Being prepared to work through the pain with them and not letting them go the journey alone! Take much gentle care biw x
  7. You can do it, I know you can. you are not alone with these feelings, I am right with you! This is a really hard time for me too. Take gentle care loads of warm (((((safe hugs))))) to help you through. much love biw xxx
  8. I totally understand where you are coming from HOWEVER I have friends on here who have yet to identify me or if they have they haven't mentioned it. You could change your username? You could edit your blogs to use initals instead of names - thus maintaining your anonymity whilst still being able to speak your mind, whats on your heart, where your hurt lies. I hope that the stress this is causing you passes soon. Don't give up, hang onto your safe space/place. Take gentle care biw x
  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem. I related to a great deal of it. You have managed to turn the darkest pain into the most eloquent of words. You have a great gift there, you should nurture it and let it grow. Take gentle care biw x
  10. Hi Heptet, I have never done a blog but definitely considering doing one along these lines. Watch this space - though you may have to wait!!!! I too was made homeless by my parents at 19 but will reveal this in my 'If you really knew me' blog. Thanks for this and I hope it is as cathartic for me as it has been for you!!!! Take good care xxx
  11. (((((FloweringRose))))) You are NOT your experiences, yes they are part of you but they don't shape or form you. They may contribute to your reactions, thinkings and feelings BUT they are NOT you. You are more than them. You are the one who is STILL standing today despite your experiences. YOU are the one who keeps fighting. YOU are the one who seems to be so self aware. YOU have more strength and courage than you give yourself credit for. I am NOT ashamed of you. I celebrate YOU: for your courage and bravery, your resilence and fighting spirit. Keep holding on FloweringRose and Keep reaching out. You ARE a vital worthwhile person and I celebrate you for that also. Take gentle care biw x
  12. How about: Accepting yourself despite what you have experienced? Loving yourself because you deserve to and are a wonderful worthwhile person? Believing in yourself cause you just highlighted a wonderful gift that you are using? Celebrating the compassionate side of you, you as a friend, loving and giving? I could go on...... Count the SMALL things you CAN already do and build on them. Remember 'Rome wasn't built in a day'. Be gentle with yourself xxx
  13. Hi Flowering Rose I think you should post this in the creativity forum. This is an excellent piece! It spoke right to my inner pain and put into words where I am at right now. The having to forget, the having to brush it off and get on with school, work, home.... whatever needed done. I am sorry that you feel this deep inner pain too. It is so hard when..... well it is just so hard. Be brave.... I heard your voice, I have validated your experience and I hope you can gain enough strength to post this where others can read it and be encouraged too. Bless you dear one much love biw x
  14. Thanks for sharing, I like this too xx
  15. Thank you for putting this into words Flowering Rose. I blows me away (and not in a good way) just HOW much pain has been inflicted on others, on all of us. I guess the only comfort we can take from this is that we are NOT on our own in having to deal with the pain. I too feel like I want to make it ok for everyone, to hug away their pain..... Take gentle care of you, you are doing amazing much love biw x