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    i like to play football, go to the gym and aerobics. i do voluntary work with victims.
  1. If you were my sister, i would tell you that you are such a wonderful and courageous person with nothing but goodness to share with others in the world and i will hold your hand and help you along your healing journey. HE has done wrong, not you!
  2. I dont know about wierd triggers but these are general triggers for me... - someone putting their hand over my mouth to shut me up - people telling me im stupid/thick/dizzy/useless - anyone touching my legs/knees - people standing too close to me - The film 'The Accused' - rape scenes in films/tv - Eastenders - although its my favourite programme, some of it is too much for me - eye contact - touching my ear(s) - sometimes sitting in the passenger seat of a car - looking in the wing mirror of a car (from the passenger's seat) - sometimes looking in any mirror at myself - attractive men - tall, skinny men especially aged 20-40 - kissing - cuddling after sex - sleeping next to someone in the same bed (im ok to have sex with them as long as either they leave or i leave afterwards so i can sleep alone) - illegal drugs in tablet form - woods - lies, even small white lies - a man telling me im beautiful (or giving me any compliments) - the word 'rape'/jokes about sex, rape, women - lying on my back in a straight position with my legs together - seeing my old school friends, two of them in particular. - the word 'violation' - my period although it reminds me, i dont actually freak out - i feel happy and relieved (if that makes sense!) - being stressed in my job or my studies - not being stressed (having too much time to think) My goodness, i didnt think i had so many triggers. Most of them remind me of the event(s) but some dont freak me out, it just plays on my mind for days.
  3. Thanx for the reply Bailey. I mustn't be able to get into chat coz im on internet explorer. Im crap with computers so im just going to leave it now.
  4. Can i ask another question? Do many people go onto 'chat'? Ive read the instructions and guidelines, but i know i must be doing something wrong coz i try to get into it and it fails to connect. I dunno why.
  5. ohhh, that explains it then. Thanx
  6. I cant seem to post a message as a new topic in 'Reclaiming Our Lives' - dunno why, can anyone help?