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  1. Date Rape... Triggers

    I believe I was raped by my friend, shall we call him M? We were setting up for a party (my engagement party, IRONY) and I drank half a beer and the next thing I know, I'm sleepy. Really sleepy. He carried me up to his room, and I thought because he was my friend for years, he was taking me up so I could go to sleep. I was wrong. I remember just lying in his bed, and he was touching me, and I was just staring at the ceiling and I saw him reach over me and grab a condom. I fell asleep soon after I heard it open. I woke up hours later, naked. the party going on in the other room. the next day, he sent me flowers. recently, i was talking to my fiancee and we were talking about it, and the denial was over. i was raped by my friend.