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    Never give up because giving up means they win.
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    I love Writing, and listening to music, reading books, spending time with my family, friends and my furbabies (pets)
    I also love art and photography, I have a photobucket gallery.
  1. Your comments have always helped me whenever I've been that one struggling. I understand what you mean though. I too struggle with feeling like everyone has already said what I want to say sometimes. However that being said when I'm posting because I'm having a hard time with something it usually helps to hear repeatedly the truth of whatever the situation may be it helps me sort through the lies in my head because I feel like that at least here at Pandy's we are very kind and truthful with each other even if we cant be with ourselves. I personally am thankful to have your voice backing down these lies in my head. ♡ Mandy
  2. Yay! That's great I'm sure you deserve it.
  3. Tw for quoted part... "When someone is violently forcing their penis in your mouth, down your throat, you retch. Your eyes run. So then your nose runs. Saliva runs out of your mouth. You feel like you can't breath. You panic that you will vomit. You are scared. I was scared. That's the first time I have realised, admitted it. I. Was. Scared. Terrified. Of doing something wrong. Of being punished more. Of vomiting. Of choking. " Yes on so many levels I could have written this very thing the forced oral stuff was some of the most traumatic parts of my abuse. Absolutely terrified for my life. So sorry you know this and for everything else he did too.
  4. New memories are so scary. I got another one too. I too am scared about what else is hiding in there waiting to surface. I am very triggered by my periods as well I cant stand the sight of blood from there or on my hands/arms/legs. I understand the issues and triggers involved with public transportation I ride the bus twice a day and it has been extremely triggering for me lately most of that revolves around groups of teenage boys/young men Im sorry you have been having a rough and triggering time. Sitting with you if you like for as long as you want.
  5. I'm glad too for you and for myself for similar reasons.
  6. Loving this! Great job to you and to AF.
  7. I'm short on words but I'm sitting and listening. I'm do sorry for.all that you all went through none if it was your fault.
  8. Sitting with you and listening. I wish someone would have done something.
  9. Thank you all. And thank you for bringing me back to this I needed to read this tonight.
  10. All I have is tears for you and a this is a tough box to open. Hmm maybe I have more afterall... I too struggle to enjoy oral being done on me. I really try but there is a very strong and deep .. revulsion? maybe at what he made my body do and as much as I have these thoughts in check knowing that it was just doing its job they tend to well up to the surface when this is happening and I just can't do it. I'm sorry that you know this
  11. I can relate but none of this is your fault.
  12. I don't have many words to offer unfortunately but I'm here listening and sending you hope for a better day.
  13. Great job on the poems.