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    art, reading, music and spending time with my friends and family.
  1. twice in my life

    I have been raped by two different people in my life, one was my mothers boyfriend (repeatedly) when i was just turned 13, and the second was a taxi driver when i was 18. I dont get taxi's anymore. If its not a reasonable walking distance, i just wont go. I dont believe in love- but i want to trust. I suffer from manic depression and ive tried to kill myself 3 times. I want to talk, im sick and tired of being sick. I want to reach out- so please anyone who thinks they can help- please, please do try. Thanks
  2. You have a sadness in your eyes

    Hi im Rachael, Im 21 years old. I have NEVER spoken about what has happened to me, But ive decided i cant keep living the same so called life i have been living, i cant keep pushing everyone away (despite how much i may want to). I need help and im trying to get it.