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    Hatha yoga has caught my attention at present, I paint and sculpt, like to read, write poetry and love hill walking. I have 3 children, 2 dogs and Boris...the cat who 'owns me'.....
  1. I was raped 16 years ago, and I'm still struggling with it. I went to see a therapist once, she was also expensive and not a lot of help (some I'm sure are very helpful) I'm not in a position to afford it either. Its possibly the most difficult thing to talk about as to do so brings it all back, its embarrassing and causes every associated emotion to surface. Have you tried writing it down in your own personal way where no-one else can see, it seems easier to get it out like this. All the pain and anger needs to come out in some way, trapped emotional pain leads to illness in the future and its SO important that we dont continue to let this destroy us. We continue to allow the one who hurt us to keep causing us pain unless we can find a way to offload it all, somehow. If you want to talk, I can listen. Sharing with someone who has had a similar experience may help?
  2. Phew, I'd like to send you a big hug. Its very important that you do talk about this with someone, otherwise the pain will remain all bottled up within, it will fester and manifest as illness in the future. The author Judith Blackstone discusses this in detail. You probably feel guilty, numb, silly, all manner of emotions surface, this pain will crystalise in your body and manifest as dis-ease if left untreated, and no-one deserves illness on top of abuse. You may be recognising your own body as a direct attatchment to the incident, this is perhaps why you feel relief through cutting, cutting away at this nonsense about 'weakness' that soceity has labelled upon women. Have you read about Rape Trauma Syndrome?? Here is a link:http://www.medicineau.net.au/clinical/psychiatry/rts.html Well done for getting how you feel out, its a step in the right direction.
  3. Why do people commit rape?

    The BIG question. It may be easier to overcome if we can begin to understand why (and what) people do this terrible thing. None present themselves with 'rapist' tatooed on their foreheads, most for all intents and purposes seem quite 'normal'. I found a link at: http://www.wao.org.my/news/20040101talkp_stoprape.htm it may shed some light. It seems to me that rape goes against evolution, it can be seen as a regression into a bestial state and surfaces as a result of inadiquacies within the rapist, NOT the rape victim. If rape is the only means by which the rapist can exert domination and by doing so feel powerful then the reality is that this type of individual may well be quite powerless and weak to begin with. Domination exerted by force is a display of fear and weakness, this raises a BIG question, does the rapist fear the victim?
  4. Still struggling

    Hello, I'm new here. After 16 years I'm still having trouble in 'resurfacing', I thought that I'd gathered myself together and emotionally defeated a very deep hurt....however quite the contrary. I had a wonderful new relationship, became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, however the delivery wasn't without complication and intervention was required. This experience left me traumatised and brought back all the horrible feelings and emotions that I thought I'd laid to rest.....the result has left me numb....I have no interest in being sexually intimate, the thought fills me with anxiety and panic... and worst, its affecting my marriage. I've subsequently been drawn to Hatha Yoga as a means to finally ridding myself of the anger, disgust and desire for blood. If I find something useful, that helps, then I'll share it and hopefully help others progress along their way towards self healing.