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  1. my first therapist, after 7 years of having a good relationship with me...she dumped me 1 night. no warning, no "this will be our last session on thursday"...nothing whatsoever and i thought things were going fine. just "I'm not going to see you anymore." That's it. Then she was gone. And she knew that abandonment was my biggest trigger, she knew what she was doing, she knew how hard it was going to be on me... and now she has nothing to do with me. Out of nowhere. ex "best friend" K who just disappeared out of my life, and allowed me for a YEAR to think she was dead when she refused to answer emails, her phone, or anything. i still have no idea why she did it. we are no longer friends. how did i deal with it? by crying for the past 6 years and not getting over it. i wish i could. i dont know how.