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  1. ICK!

    God im SO scared lately..feels like everythings falling apart I dunno jus cant feel happy lately it ok when im out or with ppl but once im by myself i just feel SO!!
  2. What a horrible week!

    Feel so bad the last week or so it sucks.. Just this constant feeling of wanting to cry or sucks. I think ive been thinking abt stuff too much this week..which led to bad dreams..which made me remember more stuff and just too much stuff in my head right now. Would hav been totally lost if it wasnt for a person who is just the best friend in the world(but will remain nameless here i think)..she knows a fair bit abt what happened and is SO supportive its crazy...often dont feel like i deserve her but am so thankful for her. SO basically mid-week when i was having a total freak out it was super friend who managed to calm me down(a little anyway)...yay for super friend!!! But even her help doesnt seem like enough this week..sigh.. Just being rly pathetic all week, ridiculous urges to just stay in bed and cry All in all a terrible week...but toorrows monday...start of a new week so hopefully things will get a little better...they cant get uch worse!!!!