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  1. Look at them all Insane Kate . . .T . . Movies/TV Shows with R*pe Scenes And/Or Sexual Violence. Someone coming up from behind me without my knowledge Movies with High Level Violence Fire Exits (esp Concrete Stairwells) Someone holding my wrists Anything remotely tight around my neck. (i.e.: Scarf’s, Necklaces, Jumpers) Having my hands/arms held down above my head Being Forcibly Pinned down/Unable to move Knives in close proximity of any part of my body Older Males under the influence of any drug Drunk, Older Males Being tied-up/Restrained Sex of a 'rough' nature Oral Sex Being Held Down Photographs of me (i.e.: When younger) Suggestions/implying suggestions to take photographs of me in a sexual manner (Yes my ex's have suggested this) Suggestions/implying suggestions to film movies of me in a sexual manner News Reports about r*pe, R*pists/Child M*llestors, etc Small, Cramped, Dark Spaces. (i.e.: Cupboards etc.) Certain brands of aftershave Enclosed, Dark places People I don't know or Trust being too close to me, or trying to touch me Raised Fists Guns/and or the sound of one Being called names of a sexual nature (i.e.: whore, bitch, slut...) Not being able to protect my face (i.e. with my hands) Being Referred to or having comments made about my body by Older Men Sudden Movements Around Me When Someone Is Angry Ambulances/Ambulance Sirens Written depictions of Violence and/or sexual assault My Hair Being Pulled Being woken up from sleeping rather suddenly Males I don't know Being around anyone angry, even if they are not angry at me Movement in the corner of my eye, like someone is behind me Men about 40 years + in particular Someone putting their hand over my mouth to shut me up Anyone else holding a cigarette within close proximity of my body Large Quantities of Blood (my own or someone else’s) Being in a remotely empty train carriage by myself Loud footsteps behind me Discussion Of/Girls who have/ R*pe fantasies Rooms reminiscent of the Emergency Room In Sydney (i.e.: same layout) Being Yelled at Sunday Night's 10pm (i.e.: If I am aware of this time) Being referred to as 'Katie'