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  1. You saw your posts and others from that forum b/c you have access to that forum and have put in the password to your computer
  2. Each forum can purchase various things for their forums, so if one forum has something does not necessarily mean another has it. However, we do have the "like" feature. In the right hand corner of posts you will see a heart, if you click that, it is the "like" comment.
  3. If you click on the quote button, it automatically puts it quotes (as above) the post that you are quoting. If you are wanting to quote multiple quotes from different posts, then in the bar across the top of the reply box, there is a quote picture, click on that and in the box, copy and paste what you want to quote.
  4. Sharkbite, I found your thread and was able to restore it for you. I also edited the first post to say "do not delete" or something like that. I had already PM'd you a copy of all your replies before I knew I could restore the posts, so you also got that in your PM box. Again, next time just PM one of us ahead of time b/c anytime someone write delete in the edited posts, that is an indication to us to remove (delete) it from the board. I'm sorry for any confusion this caused. I hope you were able to have a good day. Tracy
  5. Hey Sharkbite, When someone edits out their posts and someone brings it to our attention, then we try to go in and delete the thread. It keeps the forum looking neater and doesn't use resources for posts that have been removed. In the future, if you will PM one of us and let us know that you would like to remove your post but would like to keep copies of your replies, we can most certainly do that for you. In the mean time, I will TRY to see if I can retrieve theses replies for you. I can't make any promises, but I will see if there is anything we can do and I'll get back to you, okay? Tracy
  6. anyone logged into Pandy's sees the status updates
  7. Taffy, so sorry I forgot to do this when you asked via email! I was at work when I got the email and totally forgot by the time I got home. I do apologize! Tracy
  8. Sorry I didn't see this earlier...Yes, this was an issue when we upgraded. We were told that clearing cookies would fix it...and it did for everyone who tried.
  9. Hey Tetrus, I was having this issue as well. Once I cleared the cookies, I haven't had the issue again. Same is true with a few other people...I hope it works for you!
  10. Hey, So glad that you like the "new board". We just had an new software that I'm aware of
  11. We don't make the emoticons, so we can't change it. We use them from public domain, but do not have the rights or the ability to change the emoticon.
  12. Actually, no, no one here can recommend therapist to you as Pandy's does not have the resources to check out the validity of each person's license and expertise. My suggestion would be to contact your local Rape Crisis Center and ask for referrals, or RAINN...or even your insurance company (if you have insurance). Another resource, if you are in the States, is NAMI.
  13. I click on the picture and get no little thing at the end. sorry. just doesn't happen for me. maybe Kate and I are special.
  14. okay, another question... does it only happen when you edit your posts? cuz, some others are saying it happens only when they edit their posts. If they don't edit their post, the emoticon is fine. when they edit, it adds the little thing at the end.
  15. I use firefox at home and don't have those things when I use the emoticons. I use internet explorer at work... hmm don't think I have those things here either.