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  1. My first post, so go easy on me... When I confided my ordeal to a girl whom I (falsely) thought was understanding and wise, she replied, "I know [the perp's name] - I'm sure he wouldn't do something like that." Well, he did...??? Worst part of it was, she texted me a few days later and interrogated why I was more confused after speaking to her (?!?). To add insult to injury, she says that all of my so-called fellow volunteers (we were volunteering overseas) knew about the details between me and the perp, and that no one wants to have anything to do with me. I now understand why some of my friends back home are cynical about the self-righteous attitudes of overseas development workers... (sorry to anyone who works in the field - I plan to continue in this field myself...!) I don't know how to tell my mother about it, for too many reasons.