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  1. Caitlin, Sure you can play! And you don't sound dumb or anything---I don't always know what to play either. I'd love to have a tea party w/ you. My cousin and I used to have them under water in my swimming pool...that was so much fun. Anyway, it's nice to meet you and come on over, we'll be here! Tracy
  2. LOL You rock too, Lou and I think your ginger kitty is so sweet!!! I also loved the game you showed me...I'm glad my Mommy can't see. She gets SO mad when I cuss! LOL HUGS Little Tracy
  3. {{{Louise}}}, I'm smiling through my tears. What a sweet post! And yeah, I'd love to play Wonder Woman. I like kicking the bad guys butts! lol btw--I won't tell your Mommy that you swore because I like to cuss too. It'll be our secret. My kitty likes to sleep w/ me too but she lays on my neck and I can't breathe. It's so nice to feel her fuzzy fur though that I never move her, I just let her go. Maybe our kitties would like to play together too! Cats and Wonder Woman....Little Tracy is totally smiling right now, in her own little element. Thanks, Lou. Hugs, Tracy
  4. You are TOO a big help. Just having someone else understand and know what I'm going through is a HUGE relief! I was beginning to feel like something was wrong with me. lol I hope that both of us get healthy soon and find doctors who are able to help us out. Thanks so much for sharing and good luck! Hugs, Wounded Angel
  5. Hey everyone. This is probably a separate topic but I don't have the ability to create new topics on the board, so I hope it's okay to post this here. Does anyone else have problems with chronic vag. infections? I feel like I'm constantly on Monistat for yeast, or Metrogel for Bacterial Vaginosis and I'm not sure if it's connected to the abuse/r*pes or not. I read on another site that sometimes women who've been abused this way can have frequent "female" problems but I'm not sure how that could be given that my last r*pe was ten years ago. I've been to the gyn and the reg. doc and have been tested over and over for everything from HIV to STDS and luckily nothing like that has come up. What's frustrating is that when I "know" I have something like a yeast infection and go to the doctor to make sure it isn't something else, I'm always told that they can't "find anything" and that I'm "fine". Grrr....I am very glad that soon my husband and I will be switching insurance so I can go to a different doctor..... Meantime, I'd love to know if anyone else is dealing with this and what if anything your docs have said the cause is. Thanks so much, Wounded Angel
  6. {{{Lou and Everyone}}}, I just stumbled upon this topic and when I read the very first post, I got huge tears in my eyes. I could just imagine myself as a little girl wandering over to you all to see if I could play. I'm so filled with emotion right now I don't know what to do, so I guess I'd better just go have a good cry and get it over with. btw---not sure what's new---this first post is from 2002---but I'm short and stocky with curly brown/blonde hair and green eyes. I love chocolate ice cream cones and kittens, and in fact, I'm holing a grey tiger tabby in my arms right now. I'm wearing pink shoes and pony tails and my front tooth fell out the other day so I've got a gaptoothed smile. I love to play with dolls, especially Barbie (and Wonder Woman the Bionic Woman when I was really a girl!!) and I love to share. Want to play with me and my kitty? Tracy
  7. Hi everyone. Wow, this topic really hits home. Until I read these I thought I was the only person in the world who avoided feelings the way I do. My personal unhealthy stuff is: Overeating (just joined OA), staying up all night as though I'm afraid to go to sleep, staying on the computer for all hours of the day and night because I'm not working right now, keeping the tv running all day and night even when I'm not watching it, and probably a bunch of stuff I haven't even realized I'm doing. lol Just two nights ago I'd had a really good day. Went to my 12 Step meeting, was in a good mood, had a job interview, played w/ the cats when I got home, etc. But when it was bed time it was like something inside of me just switched on and I could feel myself start resisting the idea of going to sleep. I told myself I was just going to check my email one more time, or maybe I'd read on the couch for a bit. Well, I ended up staying up until six in the morning, then falling into bed and sleeping for twelve hours. I hate it when I get into this cycle, and I know that part of it is because my husband is out of town. Whenever I'm alone I seem to enjoy it until it gets late at night.....then all hell breaks loose. I think that my abuse/rape memories and feelings are trying to come up but I'm not allowing them to and so I'm jittery and panicky all the time. I'm awfully tired of stuffing myself with food and of making myself gain weight because I can't deal with my feelings. I'm hoping that OA will help with whats' beneath the eating, but I know in my heart I have GOT to get into therapy and soon. I"m not sure what I'm afraid of, because sometimes the idea of getting it out and talking about it is very attractive to me. I think I let myself get intimidated by the whole process of finding someone as well as affording someone, and so I procrastinate and put it on the back burner for another week. Anyway, I don' t know what the answer is except to make myself do what I need to do and try to learn new coping mechanisms to replace these unhealthy ones. I have a feeling that's going to take a very long time though....sigh... Thanks for listening and for the topic! Wounded Angel