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  1. Families, such a strange thing. You don't choose them and they dont chose you, but like it or not you're bound together forever. My family, especially so. Even if those bonds stretch far and wide over the earth or grow thin over time, they're still always there. My family, as most are, are such an important role in my life and the person I have come to be. My family are... well I don't think there's a word for them. Through talking to other people and comparing mine and there's i've come to realise none are quite as crazy, as drama filled or, ultimately, as interesting as mine are. Then again, maybe i'm a little bias. Anyway, i'm not quite sure what I plan this series of blogs to be (and it will be a series), a written portrait I suppose, more for myself than anyone else. A little time capsule of sorts maybe? Document the attempted murders, boyfriend stealing, immigrant smuggling, deaths, lives, many husbands, supposed curses, former insane asylum occupants, abuse, suicide attempts, thefts, betrayals and... oh there's much to tell. A friend of mine has always told me I should write a book about them, although i'm no writer at all! maybe this will be my little attempt. Now, where to start?
  2. Hmmmm

    Looking back at my older blog entries i've realised people only ever really reply to my depressing entries, not my light hearted pointless jokey ones. I wonder why?
  3. Am I over reacting?

    Imagine this. So you've been friends with someone for years, talk almost everyday, consider them your best friend and then one day out of the blue they suddenly stop talking to you. You figure oh well, they've got a girlfriend and they're busy at the moment. A month goes by and you've spoke briefly a few times. Christmas comes and goes without a word. You start to get pissed off. So you try and talk to them but pretty much get ignored. Then you start to think, hold on even if they're really busy everyone can spare a few mins to text, so it can't be because they're busy, they've seen your texts and actually chose to ignore them. But you don't want to cause a scene and seem desperate or something so you say nothing. More time goes by and still you've not heard from them. You always have to start the conversation and have pretty much been ignored when you've tried. You start to get upset. The last time you text them was a week and a half ago, which they didn't reply to. So you get upset and text them asking if your still friends. A day later they reply. And say they can't talk but will call later. Later they say they are busy, eating a pie. They say they will talk to you in a way that makes you feel like they think you should be greatful that they are spending their precious time on you and you should be saying thank you. You say how you feel and, again, are ignored. Pissed off and upset you post on Facebook about being ignored and they "like" it. How would you feel?
  4. Top 10 Vampires

    There's something alluring about the undead. Vampires, I don't know what it is about them but don't we just love 'em! Intelligent, sophisticated, intellectual, dangerous and god damn sexy! Here's my top ten sexiest Vampires. 10. Lesbian Vampire Killers. The 2009 box office disaster by comedy duo James Corden and Matt Horne. Ok, so the movie was.... terrible, to put it nicely. (And I say this as one of the very few unlucky people who actually had to sit through it at the cinema!) but their sexy lesbian vamps are my number 10. 9. Bill Compton. Always the gentleman, this 174 year old vampire from TV series True Blood is a good guy for the most part and you've gotta love that sexy southern drawl! 8. Rosalie Hale. The blonde bitchy bombshell and the first of the Twilight vamps to make my list. 7. Lestat. Stuart Townsend played Lestat in the 2002 Queen of the damned. There's debates over who was better, him or Tom Cruise but for me Townsend wins over creepy Cruise everytime! 6. Akasha. The ancient regal scantily clad Vampire from Queen on the Damned. With her amazing body and piercing eyes Akasha makes my number 6. 5. Jasper Hale. The second Twilight Vamp to make my list and pretend twin of Rosalie Hale, this soldier turned Vampire comes in at number 5. 4. Angel. The good guy Vampire cursed with a soul. Originally from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and later with his own self titled TV show, Angel is loved by many. 3. Louis. Poor Louis is the tragic, tortured, immortal companion to my number 7 Lestat in Interview with the Vampire. 2. Spike. Good old Captain Peroxide. You've got to love Spike with his sarcastic wit and terribly bad English accent. This rebelious vampire slash Billy Idol wannabe falls in love with his enemy, gets himself a soul and eventually sacrifices himself to save the world. 1. Edward Cullen. The sparkly Vampire of the Twilight series. Much like Marmite, you either love him or hate him but there really could only be one choice for my number one. Creating chaos in teenage girls and grown women alike around the globe Edward Cullen is probably the most famous of all Vampires. Stylish, rich, romantic, creative, loyal and stunningly beautiful. It's easy to see why he is loved so much. Anyway, so that's my top ten. Agree or disagree? Let me know who your fave is. Chloe x
  5. 100 things that make me happy

    Randomly today I stumbled across this and thought i'd give it a go. It's great at making you feel better because it forces you to think of happy things. Give it a go yourselves! Although i'm 7 out, it's actually easier to do than you'd think. 100 Things that make me happy. 1. Stumbling across a little unheard of, or subtitled, amazing movie in the small hours of the morning on tv. 2. Looking up at the stars and especially the Big Dipper (it makes me feel safe). 3. Bonfire night in my local town and watching Fireworks. 4. Snow!! 5. The Libertines. 6. Being around my little cousin Ben and unconditional love I feel for him. 7. Being with Hayleigh, who I can spend a whole day doing nothing with and still say I had fun. 8. Meeting up with people you've lost contact with and talking about old times. 9. Being hugged. 10. Hugging someone 11. Finding things I thought i'd lost. 12. Sitting alone at the beach watching the waves crash onto the shore and thinking. 13. The cold feeling you get in your chest when you breathe in winter air. 14. Anne my old flatmate (I miss her!!!) 15 When my favorite songs are unexpectantly played on the radio. 16. Holding hands. 17. Picking flowers and leaves. 18. All bugs, especially butterflies, moths and praying manti, fascinating. 19. Everything to do with christmas! Lights, decorations, music, everything! 20. Staying at St. Christophers Inn hostel in Edinburgh. 21. The Hive nightclub in Edinburgh (oh how i miss you!!!) 22. Edinburgh old town and The German Christmas Market. 23. Shopping. 24. Sales. Everyone loves a bargain! 25. Making lists, planning and day dreaming about the future. 26. Sleep! 27. Watching Clouds. 28. Friends the tv programme. 29. Having a long hot bath when it's cold and dark outside. 30. My best friend in his PJ's when his hairs all scruffy. 31. The smell of Honey Suckles. 32. Chocolate!!!!!! 33. Days off. 34. Fog. 35. The colour of Autumn leaves. 36. Being at a gig watching live music or seeing a busker playing guitar. 37. Asking questions. 38 Secretly watching girly rom coms. 39. Randomly talking to strangers. 40. Looking through really old photos of my family and past relations. 41. Stepping on crunchy leaves. 42. Feeling loved. 43. Radical Faces song "Welcome home.". 44. Debating. 45. The feeling of really being alive and young and full of posibilities that follows a health scare. 46. When my best friend hugs me. 47. Aquariums. 48. Cath Kidston floral patterns. Clicky 49. Discovering new music. 50. Doodling on my skin. 51. The london underground. 52. Walking to, and sittng on, Tower Bridge at night. 53. Watching Burslesque. 54. Payday!! 55. Black liquid eyeliner. 56. 27b/6 blog the funniest website i have ever ever seen! 57. Candlelight and watching flames, beautiful. 58. Looking through photos of the previous nights drunnkness. 59. Optical illusions. 60. Gregs chicken and bacon baguetttes. 61. Orchids. 62. Versace Red Jeans perfume. 63. Having those all night "get to know you" chats with someone. 64. Watching old/kids films on a sunday morning and reminiscing. 65. Reading about the royal family of the past, like the Tudors. 66. Getting into a bed of freshly cleaned sheets and bedding and fluffy pillows. 67. Random bouts of sillyness. 68. Thunder and lightening, especially big lightening storms that create lightening forks in the sky. 69. The struggle to buy people christmas and birthday presents and wrapping them up really neatly. 70. My Mums lasagne. 71. Drinking tea. 72. Pets Live IPhone app. 73. Humbold County the movie. 74. laying down and feeling every muscle feel relieved after a long day at work. 75. Over hearing interesting/funny/weird conversations on public transport. 76. When my room is tidy. 77. Rummaging around Antiques shops and markets. 78. Vintage/retro fashion and clothes. 79. Rob Ryan paper cut outs. 80. Avatar the movie. 81. Fake nails. 82. IPhone 83. Chinese food. 84. Breakfast for dinner. 85. Cooking or making stuff. 86. Being given a homemade rather than shop bought gift. 87. City lights at night. 88. Henna. 89. Carving Pumpkins. 90. Rediscovering music I used to love. 91. When my cats wrestle, lick eachother and sleep together. 92. The expression of complete happiness my cat caleb makes when I stroke him and how he puts both his front legs around my neck like a human cuddle. 93. My housemate Kates amazing laugh. That's all i can think of, anyway do your own and see what you come up with!
  6. Hey thanks, after much playing around with my laptop it's finaly letting me see them. Sorry about that!
  7. Thanks for replying I tried to add video through the "insert media" button by entering the url in the box. When i firt posted the blog they worked just fine. It's a boring blog entry so i'm not that fussed about it, but videos won't seem to work when i try and add them to a new post either. Heres the blog with the missing video Thanks Chloe
  8. Hi there, While on a website earlier i saw it had a "Quick exit" button which redirected me to Google. I've never seen this before, but i'm told it's quite common and it got me thinking. So many times i've had to make a quick panic filled exit from Pandys and how handy it'd be if you had one on here. Just wondered what your thoughts are on this. Also, i tried putting a video in a blog post earlier and it wouldn't show up, just the blank box with the X in. Also i noticed on another post, which used to have pictures and a video in it, that they have disappeared and are now too just shown as the blank box even though in the original post they were there just fine. Why is this? even tried the little drop down box for HMTL code and putting the embedded code in but still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks Chloe
  9. Black and orange

    So, we had a fire at our house yesterday. So much for lazy sunday afternoon! Ever so Slightly burnt teddy! Me and my housemate Jane were sitting downstairs when suddenly her daughter Leona let out this terrible, blood curdling scream upstairs and screamed to call 999 and an ambulance. She'd just got out of the bath and what with her screaming ambulance i thought she'd electricuted herself! We went running up and woah, the flames were massive! floor to ceiling, a wall of flames down one side of the room. To say we were filled with panic somehow doesn't seem to do it justice. Our landlady Becky came down (she lives in a room in the attic) and looked at me, i just froze! not knowing whether there were plug sockets there and whether to put water on it or not, but then becky screamed "WATER!" and we both went running downstairs desperatly getting big pots and pans and filling them, running back upstairs and throwing them on the fire over and over. Everything was glowing orange, the fire reflecting onto the other walls and out into the landing. After a few mins the smoke was so thick and black we could hardly see and what with the running we were out of breath and breathing it in deeply, coughing like mad not being able to breath but had to keep running. Black and orange. It just wouldn't go out! we'd throw water on it and the flames would die down for a fraction of a second them come back again with just as much force. After what seemed like forever we thought we'd managed to put it out, Becky moved the black smouldering curtain from on top of a chest of draws and we saw a bit of orange. Becky opened the draw and the flames just flew out of it. The whole chest of draws were on fire inside. So it was back again, running and running with water and then we noticed aerosoles in the fire and... well much water and panic later it went out just in time for the fire brigade to come bursting in. All 10 of them and 2 of those below! I think Leona and jane were too traumatized to do anything apart from scream downstairs bless em. Thankfully me and Becky were here, I dunno what would have happened if we hadn't of been! On the plus side, there was a gorgeous fireman! lol Very hunky and lovely blue eyes. Anyway, they were great with Leona (she's only 10) and lovely to all of us, so big thanks to them for calming us down! Anyway, hope you all had a better sunday than we did! Over and out Chloe x
  10. Silly moment!

    (swearing warning) I've just had one of those moments where you think "oh shit." The moment that comes right after you realise how stupid the thing you just did was. When the laughter stops and you realise fuck, i've just signed myself up to be humiliated on national tv. I'm sure you've all had that moment, no? lol Me and my 3 other housemates have all just signed up to be on Total Wipeout! In case you don't know what that is, here is a poor girl not doing so well bless her. This is a glimpse into what i'll be like if i'm ever on it! lol Oh well, it sounds like a laugh! Who cares about reputation, dignity, self respect... lol and on the plus side, free trip to Buenos Aires woohoo! Anyway talking of travelling, i'm going France in a few weeks yay! My best friend Edward and his family kindly invited me to go with them to their holiday home there. In one way i'm really excited, but on the other hand i'm kind of crapping myself! I've never met his mum and her boyfriend and although Edward is my best mate and i love him to death, i go all... freaky when i'm around him! Always have, i go all strange and quiet and have nothing to say and my words come out wrong and he's a very huggy person and although that's really nice it makes me freak out. And i get easily pissed off with him, i'm kinda worried i may kill him! lol Anyway, hope everyones having a good summer! Over and out Chloe x
  11. "Thou shalt always kill"

    So today i went to the O2 Wireless festival in sunny Hyde Park in London. It was a good day, but sadly the violent outbursts throughout it will be what i remember most. By the way this blog title is a title of a song, dn't worry, i'm not a crazy murderer lol (A quick warning. Lots of swearing in this post) Right at the start we were in the crowd watching a rapper called Fugitive when a rather excited teenage boy starts dancing and hitting everyone around him. He hits a girl in the head who turns round and, along with an evil look, tells him to fuck off. Suddenly out of nowhere the boy lunges at the girl and goes mental! Fists are flying, lots of pushing and shoving and scared faces. Chaos! The girs other female friends jump in and try and get him off her, more chaos ensues but eventually people get pulled apart and for a moment it all seems to calm down. Then the boy starts shouting abuse at the girl, she ignores it for a few minutes and then says something back and once again, out of nowhere, the boys girlfriend jumps on the girl! Pulling hair and scratching everything in reach and then the boyfriend joins in again too. I get a punch in the head and a scratch to the arm but nothing compared to the poor girl! Mental! Horrbible horrible couple! Anyway, we watched Jay Z, Chipmunk, Slash, D12 and many more. Including my favorite all time people Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. I am in love! Ok, so he looks like a hip hop Rabbi lol but is strangely cool and sexy! lol Very clever chap, very talented and great music to dance to! Jay Z was perfect as always and the rest were great once i had enough alcohol down me! lol Not my kind of thing, usually i'm an indie girl into boys with guitars but had a great day! So we're knackered and starving hungry at the end of the festival, after seeing a policeman treat us to a bit of rap and stand up comedy (seriously! lol best copper ever) we head to KFC and get some food and sit down when my brother spills his drink. The long table full of people sitting eating is at a slant and the drink is slowly rolling down the table soaking everything and everyone in it's path. I rush to get some paper towels and notice there is none so as fast as i can i rush to the counter and see there's loads of them sitting just behind it. There's a customer talking to the member of staff at the counter so i stand and wait. I glance over to my brother to see him desperatly trying to stop the drink with his bare hands and a rather annoyed and wet looking man next to him, the others on the table all now standing, staring at me and not looking very happy. So i interrupt and say "excuse me, sorry to interrupt but there's drink going everwhere can you just pass me those towels?" The customer goes mad! "Fuck you! Fuck off! It's my turn! Fuck you and you're fucking drink!" I try to explain but only get so much as "I..." when he shouts at the top of his lungs in my face "say once more fucking word and i swear i'll punch you in the fucking face!!!" WOAH! Was really shocked and felt like crying! I would have burst into tears right there and then in the middle of KFC if it wasn't for the shock hitting me first. So eventually we both try our best to wipe it with our hands off the table into the empty cup. Everything is still soaked and everyone at the table is still looking angrily at us. Forget the food, we left. We head to the station and decide to have a cigarette before we go down. We're standing outside chatting when suddenly we hear shouting near us and look just in time to see a bloke punch another bloke to the ground and a woman screaming. The police leg is over as fast as they can. The womans going mental, the mans covered in blood pouring out his nose down his top and the other man is sitting in handcuffs. Lots of shouting and screaming. Another crazy outburst! We get on the train and go home but as we're leaving the station there's a boy shouting at a female station staff member, being really nasty and starts threatening her. She gives as good as she gets and shouts back. She's not letting us through so we're trapped watching it all kick off. Eventually the boy leaves, we're ushered out and then the woman locks the stations door behind us. We're waiting for our cab when the boy comes running back again out of nowhere an takes a running kung fu style kick at the door! The womans on the other side screaming and shouting and the boy is kicking it over and over and over with all his force. Eventually our cab comes and we drive off into the distance, him still kicking all the while. Seriously is there something in the water here?!!! Anyway, there was lots of good things about the day, amazing performances and funny goings on but all i can think about is the bad stuff right now. Believe it or not i had a lot more to say! But luckily for you i'm struggling to keep my eyes open lol Sorry if this is one big long boring moan! Over and out Chloe x
  12. Oh i'm so sorry. I don't really know what to say other than i'm sorry for what happened to you and if you need anyone to talk to feel free to pm me. Thanks for posting on my blog by the way. Chloe x
  13. So, i'm liking this blog stuff. I could happily write multiple entries a day! (yes, i'm a loser lol) I realise this isn't the kind of blog everyone else does on pandys but it's helping to keep me entertained and in a good mood. I got some good and bad news today. The good being I've got a new job IN A CHOCOLATE SHOP! :o *ahem* Can you tell I like chocolate? lol The bad news, it's ages away (2 hours on a bus!) and I start tomorrow, TOMORROW! I don't think coughing and sneezing over the Chocolate will go down well. I already work 5 days a week as a cleaner, but as my mums boyfriend set this job up for me I have to do it because I can't "let him down and embarrass him". I guess I now work 6 days a week. Anyway talking about Chocolate, I found some weird and wonderful Chocolate products you can buy on the internet today. Now I know i'm a chocoholic, but some people take it to extremes! Have a look at my top 6 faves When I first saw this I thought it was just chocolate moulded to look like pasta, but oh no! It's real pasta you can cook and... do whatever it is you do with chocolate pasta! Tired of your breath smelling minty fresh? Bored of that minty taste? Then this "flavalicious" chocolate toothpaste is for you! Ever looked at a Scorpion in a zoo and thought "I wonder what you taste like dipped in chocolate?" Well now you can find out! Chocolate Pizza! I remember watching a programme on kids TV when I was younger and they made this on the show! Somehow I don't think we'll see this on Pizza Huts menu anytime soon. Who needs boring square chocolate bars when you can get chocolate bandages! And for the more exhibitionist chocolate lovers out there, chocolate clothes! Anyway, Wish me luck on my new job tomorrow! Over and out Chloe x
  14. The chocolate was the first thing to go! lol
  15. Food glorious fooooooood!

    I am so happy and excited right now it's like Christmas day here! Ever had it where you're so hungry you start eyeing up your strawberry scented candle and salivating? No? just me then lol It's... 9Pm ish and I haven't had anything to eat all day. Not because i'm conscious of my figure but because I had not a single bit of food in the house (unless last nights biscuit crumbs on the carpet count, and yes I did think about it for a second lol) But now the almighty god of Tesco has granted me my wish. Food! Oh i'm so hungry i'm pretty sure i'd eat anything right now and love it. Chocolate and fish smoothie anyone? But yes, I have meat and veggies and bread -and- chocolate! I've been feeling so ill for ages, it's amazing how such simple things can really make you feel better. Anyway, just thought i'd share my current happiness! (treasure it while you can, i'm pretty sure it won't last long and i'll be back to the normal depressing pessimistic me) Hope everyones having a good night (or whatever it is where you are!) Over and out Chloe x