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  1. YOU ARE NOT PATHETIC and any one that calls you that has absolutely no idea what your going through the inability to show loving emotion and understanding now thats pathetic hang on girl you can get through this someone will listen just surround yourself with loving nurturing people you can do it there are so many of us out there ready and willing to help
  2. O h sweetie I have gone through the very hell of which you speak you have no control over any other thing in your life at least that is how it feels and this is your only way Now I am 43 and have heart trouble teeth problems and am just totally in fear of what the future will hold for my body after putting it through such abuse try to think of the health issues if nothing else I still struggle with anorexia sometimes and certainly a distorted body image but I try my best to remember my health is far more important to me than being skinny you can be in control of your weight without being excessive I now maintain a pretty normal weight and look and feel so much healthier remember anorexia is just slow suicide and it cannot be overcome alone you can do it it is hard but it is worth every moment of your life you save
  3. Oh my god sweetie I understand so much how you feel I always felt like I wasnt good enough because my father brutalized me as my mom stood by and watched we lived in constant fear of his wrath the only thing I can say is We were all precious children gifts from god born into situations we didnt create and we are certainly not to blame for not being perfect no child is These people would have veen this way no matter what there is nothing wrong with you they were the sick ones take care:) remember you are still special and precious