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    Reading (especially the classics), listening to music, writing letters to my pel pals, watching movies, hanging out with my sisters and my friends, blah blah blah. Just the basic stuff. I am a marine biology student in college.
  1. This one was so unusual I had to add it. When I went through the legal system to convict my r*pist, there was this paper I had to fill out saying I have the right to know where he is at all times (after he gets out of prison). A few years later, and I am thinking of moving. I want to keep my address current so they know where I am so he can't go there. Anyway, I had called the Victim Witness office, which is part of the District Attorney's office, to give them my new address. I spoke to a woman and asked her where he is currently serving time (to see if maybe he was transferred, I had heard the inmates were trying to kill him ). She says, "What do you want his address for? You want to write him?" Yes, b*tch, that is exactly what I want to do. After I rip his throat out with my fingernails. I was so stunned I hung up before I heard the address. And this idiot works with victims everyday.
  2. I guess it never came about. That's too bad...
  3. This is a great topic Mine are: Black men of any age Taco Bell, seeing one or hearing a commerical Seeing a Taco Bell ad or garbage loud noises (of course) Having to wait in my car for someone or something When I reach for something, someone yanking it away The sound of a lighter being flicked My grandfather (I was not abused by him, though) Homeless men (serious trigger) Anyone coming up to my driver's side window Many many more... I'm a mess.