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The Lock On The Door

Posted by , 27 August 2005 · 36 views

I never realize there was a door to what safety I had.It was burst open and the hinges were broken.I never bothered to fix them because I trusted others to be respectful.Those who saw the opportunity, just waltzed right in and took what they wanted.I had valuables I didn't realize I had until they were taken.That doorway is ruined until I can renovate it and fix it so I can feel safe.To feel safe is to lock the door to the rest of the world, and to do that is to feel that someone gave me reason to do so.I want a door where I have the key to its access. I don't want others to thing they have easy access to it.I want a strong bodyguard who'll control who gets in or out.Is that possible?My artpad thingy!

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