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Pushing Past That Wall

Posted by , 10 August 2005 · 37 views

When I'm feeling most irritable, it's the feelings I hold inside that need to burst free. The complaint of feeling the trauma most when I'm physically active is my body's way of working and wrestling through it. The worst thing I can do is find a place of stillness to settle it so it won't bother me, but then it lays there, awaiting to be provoked by activity again. Coffee stimulates this agitated side of me too, which I need to cut out of my system.I feel like I'm in a brick castle, like that card called, "The Tower". It teaches you that isolation is dangerous, that something will break you out of it or that your safe little world will be disturbed somehow. I want to break out of my tower.I have a deck of tarot cards I've had since I was 17. Although I don't find myself a follower of the tarot, or any good at telling fortunes, there are lessons that come with each card. I view them as non-mystical, try to apply them in a more secular p.o.v. for clarity. I will think about the meaning of this Tower card so I can remedy myself.In the meantime play with this

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