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Popes, Priests, Cardinals & Everyone Else.

Posted by raw&burnt , 21 June 2010 · 48 views

You can find way too many stories on the internet and every scrap of media about priests molesting kids. It's everywhere. I don't look at them the same anymore.

It's been suggested that all the religious leaders be made accountable for shuffling their molesting brothers off to another church.

Everyone should go to prison and rot then.


It seems that everyone knows of someone who's an "alleged" molester, and "alleged" r*pist (I put that word in brackets because it's become a disgusting word to me) and did nothing about it. I can think of only a handful of incidents where I saw someone being harassed right in front of me and I did nothing. I can remember working with a married woman with kids who joked about a family friend who'd take boys to his room and put fire crackers up their butts. That story was disgusting on too many levels, that this woman, who let this man around her kids, thought this was funny!

I can think of this guy in my class in jr. high who would harass his favourite girls and everyone around just did nothing about it.

There was a man at a karaoke bar who'd had too much to drink, kissing me and not letting go and my friend, sitting right next to me, stared as I looked at him for help.

Everyone knows of someone who was sexually assaulted right in front of them or near them and they did nothing about it, wrote it off as a minor incident.

This entry makes me angry and sick.

I would hate to think that my male family members had attempted or completed such a horrible act and that I'd had to lie to the victims about it.

When I don't write in here for awhile, I......bah! Now I can't think straight!

I wish I were more articulate!

I wish I were a better writer.

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